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Starbucks Coffee 24-pods Bold Espresso Pods

Price: $9.9
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"What is an espresso pod? A pod is a measured portion of ground espresso, compressed between two biodegradable filter paper sheets. By using an espresso maker specifically designed for use with pods, the pod allows anyone to make an excellent shot of espresso in no time. Pods are easy to use, convenient and mess free, providing a consistently delicious freshly brewed shot of espresso. These espresso pods are not compatible with single-serve pod coffee makers, such as Philips Senseo, Melitta One:One, Bunn My Café or Mr. Coffee HomeCafé. Starbucks espresso pods measure 54 mm across from the edge of the filter paper to the other. It is 43 mm across the section containing the coffee and 9 mm thick. These pods will fit all espresso pod machines accept E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) and Nespresso pod machines. Espresso Roast is used in most coffee drinks at our stores because of its delicious, smooth versatility. It has a dense, caramel-like sweetness with a soft acidity thats delectable. An intense and balanced coffee, its roasted somewhat darker than traditional Italian espresso. Espresso Roasts spicy aroma will permeate your kitchen and senses. Taste Espresso Roast as both a shot of espresso and brewed in a coffee press. This is one versatile coffee! This remarkable ""signature"" blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees was developed in the late 1970s after months of blending and tasting. The blend was chosen with a shot of espresso in mind. The Latin American component gives it soft acidity, the Indonesian imparts depth and some spicy aroma, and the slightly darker roast gives it a caramelly sweetness. All of these attributes are intensified when this blend is used to make espresso. Starbucks® Espresso Roast is quite different from most Italian versions of espresso. Ours is roasted somewhat darker than traditional Italian espresso and contains higher quality beans. Unlike many Italian-style coffee roasters, we do not add robusta beans to our Espresso Roast to help produce a highly prized crèma. Instead, we depend on the skills of our baristas to make the perfect shot of espresso. Finding and purchasing the best green beans in the world is the first step that differentiates Starbucks® Coffee from the rest of the coffee industry. Starbucks is well-known for its exceptionally high quality coffees, care in selection, and expertise in roast. Each coffee is selected for the defining qualities that distinguish its origin. This careful selection process illustrates Starbucks passion for buying and roasting the worlds best coffee."

I love the pods. They are easy to use and there is no clean up. The flavor is just as wonderful as you would expect from Starbucks.

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