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Frankoma 5-pc. Mountain Air Salad & Pasta Bowl Set, Sage

Price: $114.95
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Hand Crafted in Sapulpa Oklahoma From the Remarkable Clay of Sugar Loaf Hill. Every piece of Frankoma Dinnerware, Bake Ware or Serve Ware receives the individual attention and care that only comes from American Craftsmen. Our production begins at Sugar Loaf Hill where we actually mine our own clay. At our nearby plant we sort and sift the raw clay to remove leaves and twigs, and there we mix the high grade terra cotta that makes our products so unique. Our craftsmen painstakingly pour or press our special clay into individual molds, and then air dry, hand wash, sand, smooth, glaze and fire each item twice before its sorted and packed for shipping. It takes as many as eight people to finish any Frankoma piece! Since our products are truly hand crafted there may be slight variations but our attention to detail means each piece will be beautiful, unique, and Microwaveable, Dishwasher Safe and Oven Proof. Our remarkable clay holds and transfers heat so efficiently that recipes baked in Frankoma will be evenly baked, golden, and warm on the table throughout mealtime; and if you are preparing a cold dish our wonderful clay will hold the chill long after removal from the refrigerator. Your salads and desserts will stay fresh and crisp. Our Sugar Loaf Hill clay actually has personality, and it wants to please you. But because it holds heat or cold so thoroughly, please dont shock it by quickly exposing it to a change in temperature. In fact for best results, dont preheat your oven. Just put your Frankoma into a cold ( unheated) oven, then set your desired temperature. Frankoma loves to absorb heat and by the time your oven reaches the desired temperature, your dish will already be there, too. Your overall bake time is reduced and theres no need to waste energy by preheating the oven. Set includes one 12-in. bowl and four 7-in. bowls.

I ordered this Pasta Bowl Set in four different colors for Christmas gifts for my kids. The quality is excellent, the price is good, and for me it was very important that it was made in the USA. I had shopped long and hard for bowls made in this country and they are nearly impossible to find. All i

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