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All-Clad 2-qt. Stainless Steel LTD Sauce Pan

Price: $92.99
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Use this 2-qt. All-Clad LTD saucepan for reheating and cooking a multitude of things, from soup to au jus to hollandaise sauce. Its crafted of heavy aluminum on the bottom and sides so food heats thoroughly and quickly. Lid fits securely for sealing in moisture. Hard-anodized exterior wont scratch or peel and interior wont react to food. Wash by hand to maintain its beautiful appearance.All-Clad LTD cookware is crafted from three permanently bonded layers of metal. A layer of pure aluminum rests between a charcoal black anodized aluminum exterior with an 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface. Sleek and functional, each piece is heavy weight and provides exceptional cooking performance by evenly distributing and retaining heat. Features long stay cool handles and well-fitted stainless steel lids.

Once you start cooking with All-Clad pans, its hard to go back. This sauce pan is a bit unusual because it is so deep. That turns out to be an advantage. Because the diameter is small, this pan can also be used as a one or one & 1/2 quart pan. Ive used it for vegetables, rice & reheating smalle

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